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SQLite/PostgreSQL Support?
Hello all,

I think it would be a really nice add if there was SQLite and or PostgreSQL support in MyBB, because I personally aren't fond of MySQL and it could help to expand the userbase of MyBB.

Both are already planned for 1.4 Smile
Dang, 1.4, thats such a long ways away. Im a PHP programmer, is there anyway I can possibly make a mod to do this, by modding the database abstraction layer, or would I need to modify all files.
You could try making a db_sqlite.php file that replicates all the functionality of db_mysql.php, then set your $config['dbtype'] to sqlite. I think some code modifications would be needed in inc/init.php, and the installer, and probably some other places as well to make everything compatible. I'm really not sure though. Toungue

Speaking of SQLite, is it really practical for a bulletin board application? Since everything is stored in one file, and there's no server, how well does it handle multiple concurrent users/queries?
Okay, I think ill try to make a DB file that replicates db_mysql.php, and both PostgreSQL and SQLite are compatible with most MySQL syntax, so i shouldnt have to mod much of the raw code at all. Also, yes SQLite is designed so it can handle fairly large loads at a time and its a ton faster than MySQL, too my knowledge SQLite can handle concurrent connection fairly well, I would assume that what it does is buffers all data going in and so that its not possible for it to have an I/O problem with two clients accessing the db at one time.
I've split the rest of the thread into for further debating Wink
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member

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