Adding a button to the text editor
In phpBB3 when you add a BBCode to the forum, it also adds a button to the post editor, so that members know the code exists and allows them to use it.

How do add a button to the associated MyCode in MyBB's editor.

It seems a little pointless having these codes if there isn't a one click way of adding them to posts !
[Image: userbar_zpsfd84f02d.png]

I'm English, I use an "s" not a "z", the spell checker is wrong not me !!
The only way to add a custom MyCode is to edit the editor.js file and add it manually. Although I agree that there should be a simpler way to do this. The way phpBB achieves this is what I wouldn't mind from MyBB.
I found this tutorial a great help, so hopefully it helps you too. Smile

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