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FFXIV Role-Play Coalition
Hey all! This post may come off as a tad cheesy but I felt the need to post it anyway.

Three years ago, I launched a website for the role-playing community of the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV. It was a huge success and accomplished most of its goals pretty nicely, despite the fact that the game itself had a VERY rough launch (and is about to relaunch a completely remade version as a result). In lieu of the new game, I recently officially transferred from phpbb to MyBB and completely revamped the old website. The new site design launched a few days ago and the members are in LOVE with it. It's a huge step forward from the old site design with phpbb. While the new site design still needs some tweaks and optimizations, everyone is loving it and site activity has increased quite dramatically. The site can be found here:

So I wanted to take the time to thank everyone from MyBB who had a role in its design, directly or indirectly.

Pavemen: You've been absolutely awesome with helping in the gallery integration process. I know things are still pretty rough but you've devoted a lot of time to helping make everything function properly and I'm extremely grateful for it.

Leefish: You've helped with a couple of things, including pointing me toward the powerful Xthreads plugin that I'm still working on for a specific section of the site. You also tried to help with my custom profile search field in the memberlist. Most importantly, you helped get my login panel operational after some initial javascript issues.

Anori: You designed a gallery slideshow block and put up with my constantly pointing out bugs in other browsers. So thanks for that! While I'm not currently using the plugin on the live site, this is only due to the last minute change from ezGallery to Coppermine. So as soon as we can figure out how to use the same plugin for Coppermine, it'll be in full use again Smile .

Euan: Your MyAlerts plugin rocks! Here's hoping for more future expansions to it.

Martec: Thanks a lot for answering my question about the SCEditor. Still hoping to fix a couple issues I'm having with it but at least I got it to a useable place for my users Smile

Tomm: The MyNetwork is an amazing and progressive way to handle the forum profile system and I hope it gets even more attention in the future.

Brad-t and Yaldaram: Thanks a ton for helping me figure out how to /properly/ use the template conditions plugin. I was originally trying to use phpbb's style of coding and was clueless why it wasn't working! xD

Maniacmusic: You pointed me in the direction of an awesome front page image slider. It really made the home page stand out and my users love it. So thanks for sharing!

Wujek: The Reksio template, though buggy in some areas, was an absolute pleasure to modify. You provided an awesome and elegant base to build off of.

SoporteMyBB: Your MyCleanBlue/other colors theme had some great things in it that I incorporated into the new theme. So thanks for your hard work on that!

Joshee: Your jQuery collapsible sidebar saved the day with my site, as all the sidebar plugins were quite problematic in that they weren't compatible with the things I wanted to have in the sidebar. So thanks for your easy to read tutorial on that.

RateU: Thanks for helping me get the postbit tabs for xthreads operational. I'm still working on the section of the site that'll utilize this and /may/ need more help later for it. But it's coming along great so far~

Fábio Maia: Thanks for your in depth tutorial on removing post icons. It was a grueling process but worth it and very easy to follow.

Also thanks to the following plugin authors for their myriad of plugins that helped bring the site together: doylecc (Auto Media), Edson Ordaz ("select all" in codes), Santiago Dimattia (Default Avatar and signup questions that help keep my spam bots at bay), Bomfile (Highslide image resizer), abdonroda (Spoiler plugin), Zinga Burga (template conditions and xthreads), Andreas Klauer (Quote avatars), Sam Clarke (SCEditor), and Lorus (upcoming events), Querschlaeger (page manager). Also thanks to the MyBB staff for the awesome software and the merge system.

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Sorry if I did miss you. Looking forward to version 1.8 and 2.0!
I had a look round - good job on the board, you seem to have a community there and you are certainly making sure all looks good before you start.

The new icons on the threads look better too.
Random Fish and Sims Maniac
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Good job with the forum. Smile
Very very smart, graphically sweet to. Well done. Smile
I have to say your forum is absolutely gorgeous.
I'd prefer the wiki styling to match but just an idea.
Good job.
Really, I am surprised this thread has not had more comments; it is a really good job for a first time MyBB forum and deserves a bit more love.
Random Fish and Sims Maniac
Help MyBBSupport help you - remember to mark your threads as solved

(02-27-2013, 04:05 PM)Leefish Wrote: Really, I am surprised this thread has not had more comments; it is a really good job for a first time MyBB forum and deserves a bit more love.

There isn't much to critique Toungue. He actually listened to the community here already and had a great result. I mean if anything it should be a thread others should read to see that we aren't all crazy and stupid but actually know what we're talking about.
A great example of how MyBB should be used. Excellent work!

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