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Anyone interested in a new forum?
Im selling which is a forum based on technology advances, high-tech gear and gadgets. I wrote articles based on these subjects and a little on gaming too. The keywords i've used are low with a couple at 6k a month, 1 at around 40k a month and the main one is at 110k searches per month.

I changed the domain name to around the start of January so that is why I dont have stats for December. However, I didnt start backlinking, SEOing and advertising the forum until mid January.
The forum software is mybb.

Reason for Sale
Im getting tired of writing articles and promoting the forum plus I had trouble installing an SEO plugin. I would rather save up for a well-established site or a high-end TEFL course.

Any questions just PM me. The reason why Ive blacked out the URL and the bottom right toolbar is because I didnt know if it was helpful for hackers.

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