[RESOLVED] How can i do this ?
Hello guys !

I'm new on the forum !
And i need your help !

I don't know how to transform the sidebar :


Unto a sidebar of this :

( Don't worry, that's an old forum of mine, and i want to change it in MyBB )

Sorry it's in french (i'm french), there are the traductions :
Membres en ligne actuellement > Who's online
(I don't need the "Membres actifs")
Statistiques du forum > Forum statistics
Discussions > Threads
Messages > Posts
Membres > Members
Dernier membre > Newest Member
Records de membres en ligne >The most users online at one time

Thank if you find the answer of my queston !
You can edit in templates with html or simply use a plugin (side bar).
Thank you for the answer but i've resolved it !

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