Award Issue
The Awards don't show up...

[Image: BStYFfi.png]

I know there is suppose to be {$awards} to show them, but when I put in the {} and save it, it erases it again. Like it was never there.
	<td class="trow1"><strong>Awards</strong></td>
        <td class="trow1">{}</td>
So you are adding {$awards} and not just {}. This is strange never seen something like this happening before.
Just a stab in the dark... Have you tried a different browser when making this edit?
Also, if that does work (and you are familiar with MySQL), you can edit the template in the database and it will take affect.
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Also, the awards are to wide, how can I get them into 2 rows?

[Image: 9s6bcbS.png]
That is not possible without editing the plugin file. As you are using IcyBoards, you can't do that.
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The {} shows up because a variable must be blocked. Please figure out what it is and post here:
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