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[Rejected] Make a IM system like Facebook or TTG
Plugin Creators should make a plugin to insert a IM system like TTG or Facebook.

[Image: b4e4a4f65539b3744c3348acfa9197ec.png]

[Image: 88c80dcdf4e3260ed6a04a0661542bfd.png]
[Image: mybbsig.php]

[Image: 38530.png]
Mind elaborating a bit? What do you mean? Do you want to use Facebook chat on your Forum? If so, I really doubt everyone will like the idea. However, I believe Arrow chat can be integrated with MyBB. Really no point in trying to reinvent the wheel, is there?

You could get that also.
(2013-02-23, 02:18 PM)Xanth Wrote:

You could get that also.
Yeah I'm talking about for Free though.
[Image: mybbsig.php]

[Image: 38530.png]
Cometchat is not expensive and no one is going to create a system like that for free. There's too much work involved.

Your MyBB 2.0 suggestion has unfortunately been rejected. Your suggestion does not fit with the direction that MyBB is heading in as a project at this time.

Please do not PM me for support. I am looking to be hired for paid services.

You can view my paid services here.

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