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Not Solved Allow users to post via email or web service
Not Solved
Is there a plugin out there to allow users to post to a forum via email or web service?

I saw a rather old plugin - Post via Email - but it was not clear if that plugin worked in 1.6.9.
Not Solved
I have figured this out. Post via Email does NOT work in the latest release properly. Some parts of it will work, but on the whole - if anyone comes across this thread - I would not recommend using it in 1.6.9 unless you are happy with a 50% solution that can generate a post - but not follow any subscription rules or follow-on functions or activities.
Not Solved
Since Yahoo Groups joined Google groups in prohibiting admins from adding new members, we've not successfully started a new group and existing groups are doomed.

Our groups are relatively low volume, less than 1,000 participants and most less than a few hundred for advocacy activity discussions.

I've been thinking that the post by email function connected to a BB might be a possible solution, if spammers can be kept out.

Looks like post by email may be dead, any other suggestions?

Not Solved
^ have you tried using Post Via Email plugin .. doesn't it work as expected ?

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