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Links to mybb in footer
I like it the way it is. If people wanted them to open in new windwos they would make them, by Shift+click. It is annoying when people open links in new windows. It takes up taskbar space.
Leon heres a fix to it:

Goto AdminCP -> Templates -> Modify/Delete -> *your_template* -> footer -> scroll down to the bottom where you get sommit like this:

div id="debug"><debugstuff></div>
Powered by <a href="">MyBulletinBoard</a> $mybboard[internalver]<br />
				Copyright &copy; 2004 <strong><a href="">MyBulletinBoard Group</a></strong>
and replace with:
div id="debug"><debugstuff></div>
Powered by <a href="" target="_blank">MyBulletinBoard</a> $mybboard[internalver]<br />
				Copyright &copy; 2004 <strong><a href="" target="_blank">MyBulletinBoard Group</a></strong>
That will solve your problem

NOTE: the footer template may very with different templates. I used the default template for this.
Thanks wildteen but i have already edited this, was just reporting that there might be an issue with this.

K776 I understand it can be annoying haveing multiple windows open but my concern was in protecting the identity of mybb. So I did not want the mybb website opening with my address in the address bar of the users browsers. Others might not be as considerate as me to the mybb team in changeing the links on there forum.
I think it should definatly be changed for the links to open in a new window by default.
K776 I think he was saying that he has frames on his site and when a user clicks the link to goto here the address bar doesn'r change. (basically just like what the AdminCP does!).

Also I don't mind new windows as I set my WinXP taskbar to group all my new windows in Internet Explorer when it gets to 3 newly open windows. But yeah do get annouying and I se the tab feature in FireFox much neater and faster!
Links in posts should definately open in new windows, as it's hard to read new posts when every link you click takes you away from the post you are reading. I'm not sure about the copyright links though, I see it could work each way.

I think many people are using browsers with tabbed prowsing features such as Firefox, Avant, Opera many won't get a "cluttered" task bar. Toungue
its like wildteen said

wildteen88 Wrote:K776 I think he was saying that he has frames on his site and when a user clicks the link to goto here the address bar doesn'r change. (basically just like what the AdminCP does!).

The same address appears at the top of every page on the forum that is linked to on the website because it appears in a frame. So all links that are external to my site have to open in a new window otherwise the content would appear to be mine. And the last thing I want to do is take credit for the excellent work of mybb.

Just thought i'd highlight the potential issue so then it is the mybb teams decision as to wether to change this in gold or not. Depending on wether or not they'd be happy to see there work appearing to be from someone elses site.

In the long term i intend to move my board to a new host and remove the need for me to frame the board. But until then I will need to keep all links external to my content in a new window.
I understand your point Lean but using frame in a webpage is quite rare as more and more poeple are using different techniques.

I dont' use frames I mainly use PHP and use the include function.
Much easier and cleaner. But it requires a host free/paid that allows you to use and create PHP scripts.

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