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Hey Mybb community but today I accessed my forum and noticed a new member who posted duplicate threads in russian about MMM 2013. I banned him and deleted his posts, is there anything I should expect from this guy? I know what MMM is and I'm just paranoid that I'm going to be attacked or something.
Can you elaborate on what "MMM" is? From the sounds of it either someone is trying to intimidate you or it's a spam bot...
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Definitely sounds like a spam bot to me. You can use a tool such as Goodbye Spammer to remove them from your forum.
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do you have a link because I just had some registered and their IP is traced back to Ukraine.
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I traced 3 accoutn IPs 2 of the 3 are reported for spam but the newest one from 10 min ago is clean. one is from france, the new one is from the ukraine, and the third one is from russia. the third one posted 2 threads with a pic of sergei and asking for support with the MMM-2013 pyramid. do I report this to the FBI or?
It's probably just spam. I doubt it's anything legitimate. If it is legitimate and they're going around asking for support, I'm pretty sure the FBI or other authoritative organizations would already be aware.
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TY for the assurance I installed the plugin and will hope everything goes ok. I also reported this to my host
For future reference Risky Internet is a great place to look for info on suspicious IPs:

(OP if the French IP's first two octets were 5.254 it's a spambot riding out on OVH hosting. ban the whole range Wink)

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