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make trow1 one color and trow2 another color in post_body?
Hi guys, im editing the colors of the default theme, and i have problems, i would like to make the post_body to be seen in two colors, for example the first post one color, second post another color, i changed the colors but when i post, in the second one apears the message with the colors from the first post on the backround, look the image:

[Image: 26022013145359.png]

i searched the forums but no luck Sad

anyone knows how can i make this posible please?
Go To
Postbit Templates >> postbit_classic


<div id="pid_{$post['pid']}" class="post_body">

Replace with:

<div id="pid_{$post['pid']}" class="{$altbg}" style="padding:5px;">

Then Go To:

Postbit Templates >> postbit

make the above changes in this template

change the background color of trow1 & trow2 in global.css

finish Wink
thanks for your tips, but in Postbit Templates >> postbit not exists that line Sad
put your forum link here
(02-26-2013, 10:28 PM)Cancer9003 Wrote: put your forum link here

right now is not edited Postbit Templates >> postbit_classic
Cancer9003 Wrote:replace:


with this code:

 class="{$altbg}" style="padding:5px;"

i did that and i saved in global templates, but there is a problem Sad:

[Image: 28022013103751.png]

Problem solved (for now).

i finded the solution but im not sure if this will not afects other side of the theme (i searched the forum and the options and seems to be fine everything), that color comes from the .table backround color in global.css, the table backroud color was #424242, so i make it transparent:


table {
	background: #424242;
	color: #D4D0C8;
	font-family: Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif;
	font-size: 11px;

and the fix is:

table {
	background: 'transparent';
	color: #D4D0C8;
	font-family: Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif;
	font-size: 11px;

[Image: 28022013175832.png]

Thanks Cancer9003!

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