User specific Thread Permissions ?
I am not sure but does anyone know if there is a plugin which allows to set Custom Permission per User for who can post, view etc. a specific topic or not ?

Any help is appreciated. Wink

maybe this?
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Thanks Lee, will try that. Wink I think already did once and had issues with it. But lets see.


(2013-03-01, 12:02 PM)Leefish Wrote: maybe this?

Now I remembered why I tried this Plugin before but removed. It simply forgets multiple ID's one specifies for a certain topic. Added a number of ID's i wanted to have access to a specific topic.

As soon as you edit that topic just once, it will have forgotten all ID's but the first. After that you can't access that topic anymore with one of the other User ID's. It works only as long as you don't touch it. I dont know why, if you edit it or even just click on edit, it kinda forgets all other but the first specified user ID allowed to enter this topic. I guess thats a bug.


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