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This is a request to be able to add more groups rather than just administrators, super mods., mods. but to have the ability to add others, such as a contributors list, if someone can help me make/edit to get that to work, it would be much appreciated. If it is already possible to do so may someone guide me in the right direction, thanks!

Edit the group and under the "General" and under "General Options" there is a "Yes, show this group on the 'forum team' page" option.
Jammerx2, is there also an ability to where I can make the awards a page on someones profile when you're viewing it? Like, you can view their awards etc... An example (not mine) is posted below of what I'd like.

[Image: df745cf87bd24b70bea3d6c.png]

And this pops up when you click that tab labeled 'Awards'.

[Image: CZcFxd7.png]

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