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default theme broke after upgrade
how to fix the theme issue as it stands i can't edit any style sheets through the acp to edit any themes, would like to alter the colours to match my theme more.
Still no fix for this.
i guess i am just not going to be able to fix this issue
1.8 isn't ready to be upgraded from 1.6, even with non production data. It's not a high priority.

(2013-03-08, 03:28 PM)adbrad Wrote: This is even happening on the default mybb theme the one that comes packaged with the software.

You wouldn't have the 1.6 images if you're only using the upgraded database. You'd need a complete replica to perform a successful upgrade.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
I'm aware its not a priority but i would like to be able to edit the style sheets so i can play around the theme see if i can get it to look something i like.

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