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Can't login
I'm having login problems, i have set the setting as before according to 1.6 settings, how ever when i login to admin it just goes back to login screen i type in user and pass but just can't get in also can't logout of the forum as the same thing happens, i logged in once but when i tried to alter something it went back to admin login.
What are your cookie settings and URL?
Just edit your inc/settings.php and add a cookie prefix. Clean your cookies and try login back.
I have done all that and still it won't work, I even re uploaded the edited settings.php
As I posted above, please post your settings and URL so I can triple check you have them correct.
I will check in the morning and post them.

The settings and such are
Board URL

cookie settings:
Cookie Domain
Cookie Path
I posted the details, but i can see the mistake now, although i still can't seem to able to logout the forum.
If this is your cookie domain:

Then try setting cookie path to only:


(remember clearing cookies after that)

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