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Not Solved [How To?] Install the same forum on other domain
Not Solved
Hello, i want to install the same forum to other domain, so i need the fresh copy, but completely clear, so i can set after all the things from 0, so how to do this? i need also to add another languages to it, are available for my themes?
Not Solved
You could download MyBB at: and simply install it on your new website? That would give you a new / fresh forum.

Alternatively you can use an auto-installer assuming your web host offers it (Such as Softaculous).
Not Solved
Well becouse was done some changes on design, so for this i am asking to the same forum, becouse if i will donwload a new one i will not have all this changes
Not Solved
just copy all the existing files and database to the new host and edit the config to use the new domain.
Not Solved
Export theme you changed and import it to new forum. Copying all files won't be sufficient.
Not Solved
This it's a great idea, just to export the theme, thanks a lot, hope i will not face any problems by doing this

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