Looking for Username/Display name seperation, double blockquote and Group PMs
I am looking to have three codes/plugins created or if you know of one already available link please Smile

The first one is something that allows members to use one name as a username and another name for display name (EI username is admin display name is Frazzles)

The second code/plug in I am looking for is a way to allow blockquoting inside of blockquoting (NOT QUOTES). I might have a way around this if something can't be created.

And lastly I am looking for a code or plugin that allows PMs to group together. Basically a conversation PM plug in. Most boards now a days offer this IPB and even Proboards V5 so I am looking to see if something has been or can be created for my MyBB board. If you need an idea of what I mean here.. basically what I am looking for is:

I send User A a PM.
They send a reply

The conversation shows ALL the replies ever made to and from said person without needing to quote it. Making a private forum for this purpose is not an option.

Thanks and looking forward to speaking with people who can help me out :3

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