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Not Solved Am i allowed to use it for academic purposes?
Not Solved
Hello MyBB community!

I'm want to install myBB on a server which belongs to the university. It shall be a forum where students can help each other and discuss topics of lectures and so on. Besides the discussion ability and wanted to use adverts to generate money for academic use. For example: Research projects / offering (online) courses for word/excel/latex etc.. so the students would not have to pay for the courses.

am i allowed to use mybb for such purpose(s) for free?

thank you very much for answering my question!
Not Solved
Yes of course you are.
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
You sure are. Smile
Not Solved
thanks for answering and helping me Smile
Not Solved
Your completely allowed. Just make sure your university will allow it. Smile Your best bet might be to use a separate server/hosting regardless so that if the universities servers go down, they can still use the website and discuss what happened, etc...
Not Solved
Yes you can. MyBB is open source so you can pretty much do anything with it.

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