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Not Solved theme buggy
Not Solved
I MyBB to using 1.6.8 and when I put the theme images buga> already tested more than 10 themes and same thing
Not Solved
Yeah.. you don't have a logo.
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Not Solved
Upload a logo to the themes images folder
MyBB Support Technician
Not Solved
he has no right, and it was not just once bugou in over 5 theme images all bugaram
Not Solved
Yes, because you need to upload a logo for each theme
MyBB Support Technician
Not Solved
It seems to me that he isn't uploading the images to the correct path. I can't find the /images/ps4/logo.png - and the other images are broken or showing the default ones.

1. You are uploading the images of the theme to the wrong path.
2. And/or you are selecting the wrong path in your theme's configuration.
Not Solved
If it is just the logo playing up you need to change the link to your logo in the theme settings to the actual place of your logo.
Not Solved
someone straightens me?

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