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How to get Forum members?
I know it's a bit LQ but i really need to know....!

The main idea of this forum is discussion about different technology new, enhancements, developments, operating systems, Education, hardware and software issues and their solutions, SEO, Web development and much more interesting topics.

[Image: 916YWmf.png]
Effone's links to the posts pretty much covered it all. Here are some tips which will help in some way.

1) Do post exchanges. These users may only be active during the exchange however if they enjoy the forum, they may stick around. Either way, you still have members.

2) Advertise on promotion forums. You may not get a load of members but in the past, I have got at least 1 or 2 members who stayed active which is pretty good for a new forum.

3) Have content. Don't advertise your forum if you don't have many posts because your forum will look empty and people won't want to sign up.

4) Maybe host a competition which could get people wanting to sign up to participate. The prize doesn't have to be big but make it related to your niche.

5) Advertise in your signature when allowed. If you are active on the forum you have a signature link in, people will start to notice it more and will want to sign up.

That is all from me. Good luck getting members on your forum!
Ah the age old question. If it was as simple as a reply on a forum I guess everyone would have a large forum with thousands of members. A suggestion to go with the smart lime reply, go to where your future users are.
Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.
[Image: 916YWmf.png]
I saw a few webmaster forums which they always have useful contents and categories. Also they use exchange links, so I can jump from this one to another forum easily!
In a few words,
content content content.
With the notion, "if you build it, they will come"

And ofc on top of this, good desgin, simplicity, speed, SEO, and accessibility.

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