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Not Solved [General] Scrutinize ip
Not Solved
Scrutinize users IP - what exactly does this do? I've wondered this for ages had a search about but can't find a suitable answer.
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Not Solved
Not Solved
(2013-03-10, 11:03 PM)effone Wrote:

I still don't understand what it does.
.m.  Very helpful staff member, very knowledgeable.
Not Solved
Sometimes the website hosts use custom scripts or sort of proxies which prevents MyBB to fetch the users IPs in a correct manner which can cause IP details messup. Like Random IP logs for a single user or no IP displayed in the who's online list etc.

Setting that to "Yes" may help you solve these issues.
Not Solved
Yes, some webservers have a proxy for faster transfers, CloudFlare as an example (not sure if it still does that though). It uses a different and more accurate method to get the IP. If you're having no proxy issues, don't need it.
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