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MyBB Stuff - MyBB plugins and modifications site
Definitely a nice site but there's lots of weird little design blips that make the site a bit difficult or awkward to use. But since it just started, it's not so bad. Let me know if you ever want feedback on it (either you or Jason). I'm gonna make an account now.
Sure thing brad, feel free to PM me any feedback you may have Smile
would prefer to do skype or something, taking screencaps and writing everything down is annoying haha
Can do skype, I think I've got you added.
Just an update on the site since I just moved kit to a new server and re-opened registrations. I plan to either do a lot of theme edits, or get a new one created (if anybody's looking for work, PM me some offers Wink) over the next few weeks and bring some new plugin updates and versions out.
Really happy to see you back at it.
I'm trying to sign up but, there is no image verification for me to enter anything.
Coming soon..
Thanks Brad.

@Jonathan: That's... odd. I'll just disable it again I guess then.
Was trying to sign up but got this error
/srv/www/ does not exist
Damn. That's probably why my spam registrations have dropped so much. I'll get it fixed ASAP.

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