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MyBB Stuff - MyBB plugins and modifications site
Ok, I'll have a check now. Give me a few minutes then try again please.
The site is loading fine now.
Great, thanks. Seems I had added several countries to be blacklisted, have cut them down a bit now.
Thanks Euan. Sorry to see you balcklisted my home Sad
On another topic, please enable the attachment feature, it is waited for a long and including external links in threads makes me feel like a spammer.
I've been meaning to finish fixing up attachments actually. I removed them to redesign them t go with the editor. I too miss having them...
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Yeah we are from India, yep sure looks like a block to me. Do you want a ping report or a tracert report?

Ok so now it works hurray!.
Yeah, I unblocked India from the firewall along with a few other countries. Hopefully the spam doesn't rise again Smile

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