MyBB Team Changes
As you may know, we've recently had Peter announce his inactivity and (current) departure from MyBB development due to advancing his studies. This has left a hole in the development of MyBB and to add to this I'm in the middle of completing my major assessment so my time has become very limited.

Luke (decswxaqz) is also leaving the MyBB development team due to personal responsibilities and receiving a job in the "real world" which requires programming essentially full time. I wish Luke the best of luck with his job and in the future and thank him for the contributions he's made to MyBB over his time with the project.

And now for something different, I am proud to announce that CraKteR has joined the MyBB development team and will be assisting us in developing future versions of MyBB and hopefully filling the gap left by the recent departure of our developers. CrakTeR has been an invaluable assistant recently helping resolve a lot of bug reports and helping out other users.

As most have probably heard, we're also in the middle of developing our "MyBB Import" system allowing you to import your other bulletin boards in to a copy of MyBB. Tikitiki has taken up the position of project manager for the MyBB Import system - of which you'll hopefully be hearing more about soon.

We've also got several open support positions which we'll be looking to fill over the coming weeks - please don't apply, we've got people in mind and we'll keep an eye out for those participating in the community. Remember, we'll contact you.

The Current MyBB Team structure is as follows:
(Team members assigned as a "lead" are in charge of a specific area within the MyBB community)

Product Managers
Chris Boulton
MusicalMidget (Modifications community lead)
Tochjo (Internationalization lead)

Chris Boulton (Development team lead)
Tikitiki (MyBB Import lead)

Support Team
DennisTT (Support team lead)
Michael83 (German community administrator)
Justin S. (Wiki lead)
Dale Hay
Ryan Ashbrook
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For those who haven't noticed, Christian has also joined the MyBB support team. Christian's knowledge of MyBB is extensive and he's proven an invaluable community participant. We welcome him to the MyBB team.

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