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MiNT Wrote:More chance? I could have sworn to have seen seven staff members in there earlyer o.0

Your right.. There was 6 of us! Musicalmidget, Tikitiki, Belloman, TemplatesForAll, Chris, and I.. Altho some of us weren't talking. >.<
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Ok, so there'll be less lurking staff members. Toungue
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There you go, Christian!! You deserve it as well! Big Grin

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Ryan Ashbrook Wrote:Now there's more of a chance for four staff members to be in #mybb. Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Congrats both of you! Big Grin
When I usually log-in #mybb it's empty with staff members so, yea. Wink
CraKteR Wrote:When I usually log-in #mybb it's empty with staff members so, yea. Wink

Well, now you are one. Smile
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Congratulations Christian
Dennis Tsang
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Congrats Christian
Thanks guys! Smile
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Congratulations to both Crakter and Christian--I am confident you will contribute greatly to this amazing bulletin board!
Peter Akkies
Congratulations to every MyBB developer!

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