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Not Solved [How To?] I have changed the description but stii appear the old one
Not Solved
Hello, i am posting a new messagge, hope to receive assistance like always Cool

Well this time i have changed the description of the forum in the Admin CP -> Templates & Style -> Templates -> *Theme* -> Index Templates -> index

And it's ok if i see the source of the page it shows the one i have added. But on google there is another one older, so maybe i didn't delete it Confused How i can know where other place maybe insert the description on the forum... Please try to help me. This is the forum -
Not Solved
Google will take some time (actually days) to update the content. So you should wait for some time before checking it in google.
Not Solved
Thanks, i know this. But i want only to be sure if the changes was done right. Becouse i feel that i have twice description.

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