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Not Solved New page code for header and footer
Not Solved
I have a html/js file that i want to add header and footer to. How can I do this directly to the file? Not using the template method.
Not Solved
Add what header and footer ?
Not Solved
My forum header and footer. I have a page that I can't add to templates because it is over the max character limit. It is 87k characters and I can't do the template method to add a new page. So I need to add just my header and footer of my forum to this page. It is currently html/JS but I can use a online convert to convert to PHP.
Not Solved
Send me the file. Attach it here if its not important.
Not Solved
Actually someone named Jessie helped me. But I still have some that need work. Jam buster I will PM you the pastebin of all the code.
Not Solved
He helped you with what ? No point in sending me code if I dunno what he has already helped you with.
Not Solved
Well basically I can take all the JS out of the code I just sent you and then I can link to the JS. But it still has 85k characters of HTML and the max is 65k in the templates. I tried looking into changing the mysql template to longtext but i coulnd't find out how. So basically i just need to add mybb header and footer to that code i sent you.

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