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I'm new to this forum.

I would love to get any help from any member in this community.

I set up a forum with MyBB a few days ago. Tried to make any enhancements to MyBB forum. And I found a great header and logo positioning just like in this forum's header. And I would love to get the same appearance on MyBB.

[Image: myBBheader_zpsdf2a727b.jpg]

Can anyone help me to accomplish this?

Its great to have a header image which suits well inside the header box, behind the search bar (I would assumes that the logo of this forum is located at the same layer with the search bar). What's best resolution resolution of image to use?

For more information, I use default template for MyBB.

I would really appreciates any help from this forum.

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Any responses from anyone? Please...
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Thats a lengthy thing to describe. Follow some of the free themes and download one similar. Then open the header template and read the codes How it has been done.

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