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[For 1.6] Custom Alerts for MyAlerts
Custom Alerts for MyAlerts
Push custom alerts to your users from ACP!

Custom Alerts for MyAlerts brings the ability to push custom notifications to users using MyAlerts notification system.

Since its early development, euantor's MyAlerts plugin really attracted me. In a rising social-dependent world, a notification system is practically a must. To whom is now asking himself what MyAlerts is, this plugin is actually the best - and I guess the only one - notification system for MyBB that works, and works quite well.

Custom Alerts for MyAlerts adds a dedicated section in your Admin Control Panel from which you can create and send new notifications to your registered users using euantor's plugin.

Feature listing

At the moment, Custom Alerts for MyAlerts lets you push simple alerts you can customize with your formatted username and date of alert generation. Its settings are safely added to existing MyAlerts settings group and updated consequently: you can obviously turn on and off them as you would do with the standard 5 alerts. Turning its setting off will hide the dedicated module which will remain hidden until the setting will turn back on.

To install it, just upload to your MyBB folder the files contained in the download package and Install & Activate it from the Plugins section in your admin control panel.

Custom Alerts for MyAlerts requires MyAlerts version 1.04 or higher.

If you've got complaints, you've got a suggestion or a feature request, please open a new Pull Request on GitHub. I am always ready to listen to users to extend my plugins.

Download it from the Mods Site or from GitHub

Custom Alerts for MyAlerts is now on GitHub! Contributes are always appreciated!

You can contribute and report issues publicly, I'll do my best to fix and add what you request there. You can reach the plugin at the following link:

[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
If there was a like button, I'd be pressing it now Wink Nice release Shade!
Thanks Euan Smile
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
Custom Alerts for MyAlerts 1.1 is out

What's new?
  • Fixed a critical SQL error which would appear selecting All users as the method, Not forced as an option (thanks Destroy666x for reporting this)
  • Fixed a critical SQL error which would appear selecting 2 or more usergroups at once with Not forced option (thanks echofloripa for reporting this)
  • Content is now parsed when the alert is shown to the user rather than before being inserted into the database (thanks Sama34 for reporting this)
  • Forced option is now generated with the generate_yes_no_button function rather than manually, causing custom ACP themes to display it with wrong styles

To update, simply overwrite old files with the new ones.

Download the new version from GitHub or from the Mods Site whenever it gets approved.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
Nice plugin, but there are a little BUG....

[Image: 30Mkr.png]

[Image: 30Mlb.png]
[Image: sig.png]
Do you really expect sanitization? I don't see the point to sanitize the input of an admin.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
Great plugin once again, Shade!
is better sanitize, just because is adminCP. Always LowRisk
[Image: sig.png]
(2013-05-26, 06:50 AM)metonator Wrote: is better sanitize, just because is adminCP. Always LowRisk

Risk of what? I keep on not seeing the point.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
If a user gains ACP access, they can do far worse things.

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