Not Solved How do i do a custom URL For my Forum Posts? (Help!)
Not Solved
Hello i have a Question How do i do a custom URL for my Forum posts?

Right now it says > <snip>
How do i change that to a url that i want?
like <snip>


Heres a picture

Here is a picture of the MYBB Footer Code! So i can get help!
Not Solved
Hello there,

The forum you have posted does not have the minimum "Powered by MyBB" notice we require for technical support here. In order for us to give you further support, please add the following code to the footer template of your forum:

Admin CP --> Templates & Style --> *expand your template set* --> Footer Templates --> footer
Powered by <a href="">MyBB</a>

I will close this thread until you have reinstated the Powered By line. Please post in the Private Inquiries forum to ask to have this thread reopened, where you can also raise any questions you have about this policy.

With regards,
MyBB Support Team
Jovan J.

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