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I've done ALOT of programming over the last few years since my last plugin and now I'm in a full time development roll at a business so feel like I'm at the point where I could make a plugin to a high standard and not just muddle together a bit of code like previous attempts.

Just gauging interest on a sports betting plugin, would run using a points system, would probably require one of the available ones that are most commonly used (would need opinion on which one).

Has this already been done, and is it decent enough already? Or is this something people would use.

It would effectively use your points (from posts etc) to bet on admin added events, would work great for a sports forum or anything that you could bet on. The admin would then update the results and the bets would pay out the points accordingly.

Thoughts, ideas, and feedback appreciated. I've done some preliminary coding as will be using it within my own project but would appreciate any feedback and thoughts towards it as a releasable plugin.

Couple of screenshots, so you get the idea:
It's a great idea and something that I think should have been made ages ago. If you're going to use points (like you should) then integrate it with newpoints, as it's by far the most popular points system here. This is similar to the sportsbook plugin Xenforo has and that is hugely popular, and I imagine this would be too.
Good stuff, Thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look at all the points plugins and if I can make a global setting for which points system you are currently using it should make it fairly easy for everyone to use without issue.

I've been taking a look at other similar plugins and hope to integrate as much as I can from them, It's a weekend project as I work full time as a developer but progress should be made fairly quickly.
This is something that my board has been waiting for. Kudos for tackling it!

I would suggest Newpoints as the points system of choice.
Hm... what about exchange markets (with lay options)? With bookies you lose Toungue

Important: It would be nice to have decimal odds as an option!
Id be interested in this. I am currently writing a tipping or sports pooling plugin but thats slightky different
(2013-05-20, 03:18 AM)Sector Wrote: Hm... what about exchange markets (with lay options)? With bookies you lose Toungue

Important: It would be nice to have decimal odds as an option!
Decimal odds is the international way to go. It'd probably be easier to code too.

Allowing select moderators to set new/adjust odds and events would be killer as well.
This plugin looks like the exact type of thing I'm after, and if you could add a feature for moderators to be able to add new events/bets too that would just simply be immense.

Keep us updated with your thoughts and progress, please!
hopefully this is something similar to vBookie?
Aaron is a vet, so I'm excited to see what he does with this. I know that it'll kick buttocks!!

I have no idea about what type of language is proper around these parts...hehe

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