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The Wiki Plugins I have seen are usually outdated and/or buggy. That's why I wanted to build this, a simple, extensible wiki with a solid and reliable backend.

MyBB Wiki is my view at a wiki. It is very simple without the bells and whistles. It sports MyCode, Article Protection and a dedicated Admin CP Module, from which you can manage articles posted, add categories and read Documentation.

This is a beta. I appreciate feedback, bug reports, forks and commits, but you should not be using this on a live board!

  • A permissions system set throughout the front-end
  • Importation and Exportation of Wiki Articles (useful if you need to uninstall the Wiki due to updates, etc)
  • Easy to use Article Protection means that official and important articles cannot be edited by non-staff
  • Easy to understand MyCode syntax for linking Wiki Pages -- [[3]] links to an article with id 3.
  • Fully customisable through theming and plugins
  • Integrated Markdown support. You can view a guide to this here (absolute beginners) or here (recommended).

.zip (Size: 49.83 KB / Downloads: 117)
What motivated you to program a new wiki plugin when there are already two on the Mods list (,
AFAIK, Matthias' is outdated and buggy, and I didn't even know King Louis had a wiki plugin.
Updated GitHub, features now include a clickable MyCode editor and Article Protection. Also (minor feature) the wiki now displays on Who's Online, albeit it is a workaround I'm not 100% happy with (links to individual articles do not appear).
wiki plugin (King Louis) is a wiki almost complete.but category and Access levels it's very simple but but there is meny settings in the admin.
If you add the Attach system(attach file and picture) to your wiki,show article changes,show names of all authors of an article It will be a practical and useful wiki.

Do you want to enable MyBB Wiki? twice is defined
I've a more complete version on localhost, I just haven't committed it to GitHub yet. It's got categories, fixes the setting defined twice, and a dedicated Admin CP Module. A diff report is in the works, I plan on using Chris' PHP Diff system. Names of all authors is feasible and I will be implementing it.
Do you plan for this to support wiki code? Either way great job so far, thanks. Big Grin
Of course. Smile I have the parser picked out, just last time I tried to add it, it wasn't working. D:

Pushed new Beta version to GitHub adding the aforementioned changes. Smile
If the template is defined separately is much better, something like MyBB Docs.categories such that the user can easily create pages like the MyBB Docs home page and it is automatically added to each entry title.I think It is required define the variables to dynamically.
This will enable users to easily create like page
What do you mean? Which template?

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