Not Solved Help! Need to remove something!!
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Hi everyone!

I really like and have installed the 'Orange Accent' theme onto my Forum.

However, as a registered member, when you enter a Forum, it states something like:

"All 20 threads on this page are selected. Select all 30 threads in this forum.
All 30 threads in this forum are selected. Clear Selection."

I haven't seen this in any other Theme - and I want to remove it.

I tried looking at it with 'Firebug' in Firefox but can't work out how to remove it!

Can anyone help!

Here's a screenshot:


It doesn't show up to guests, so you either need to create an account or use the 'test' one I have set up.

The default rounded corners didn't show, so i've edited the .css BUT can't figure out how to make the corners on that GREEN BOX rounded!
Any thoughts on that?

Any help really appreciated.



User: test123
Pass: test123
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follow this guidance. Thanks to Yaldaram.
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Wow! Thanks .m. - I'd searched for an answer but didn't find that. Brilliant.

Any thoughts on that green box?

The changes I've made to the .css (thanks to this Forum) should have put rounded edges on all boxes, in all browsers but sadly not that green one!

I managed to change the colour (as a test to that awful green) but need those edges rounded too.

Any thoughts?

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that green box (welcome block) has rounded corners. if you are unable to see that then refresh your browser (CTRL + F5 key)
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It shows (the Welcome Box - in green) with rounded corners on my iPhone in both Safari and Chrome.

But on the PC, even after a hard refresh, in both IE & Firefox... without rounded corners.

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