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Company Looking For Website Designer/Developer
Looking for a reliable website designer for our company that is capable of handling problems, fixing problems, designing, and developing. First tasks would include working on our MyBB-powered forum, e-commerce store, WordPress blog, header navigation, website pages/files, footer, and more.

We'd start you out immediately if we are interested in working with you. This is a paid job and we will not respond to non-serious inquiries. Budget for each task varies, we pay fixed prices depending on the quality of the work. Payments via PayPal only.

Please message me if there is an interest in working with us. We are developing a game for children and a website designer is needed in the team. A passion for gaming would be a plus too. Note: We do have a theme developed and integrated with our pages already.

You can contact for the designing of your website
[Image: mTTn4.png]

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