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A game clan...
My latest project at

Feel free to post your opinionsWink
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Personally I don't like the red background of the link text (when hovered). Other than that, quite a decent theme.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
I like the header for your forum. I just don't like the yellow circle for the no new posts button. You have a bullet for new posts, red circle for locked and a yellow circle for no new posts. You need to find some sort of consistency there.
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I like it to be honest. Toungue

I disagree with Dennis on the link hover background, I think it looks alright. Smile

My only quirk... the blue stuff, it should be a dark shade of red.
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I'll have a second thought about the bullets and hover as I'm not all happy with that to.

I'll change the blue to red and see how it looks...but personally I don't like to much red. Maybe I should change the border around the forum to a blue color instead.

Anyway, I appreciate your opinions, thx! Wink
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I changed the icons for new posts/no new posts/closed forum. I think this is betterCool

I also removed the hover background.

I tested to change the blue bar to a dark red one.

Thanks for all your opinions that maybe make the forum a better one.
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I think it's very good layout.
Nice improvements. Looks better.
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