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A Few Questions
Sorry i am not sure what board this should be posted in so please move or delete if necessary?

I am hoping to start my first forum and after looking at some sites using this software then this is the software i want to use.

I would like your views on my ideas and if this software is for me?

Ok so a few things - It will be a football/soccer site based mainly on UK football. I am aware tgis is a busy market but im not planning on being No 1 and the UK football scene is still growing in popularity and is something i am very pationate about.

As a young guy i want to do this for free or as free as possible Smile im not out to earn money from the site and dont have any money to put into it. I would like to find hosting for free and use free script and any mods/plugins that are free that could help the site.

I have no clue whatsoever about installing mods etc or how to get a logo.

From my hosting i am happy for the host to place adds etc as i believe i can make a busy forum

so id like to find away of getting a site that looks football orientated with football/soccer ball icons?

Good smilies football fans like their smilies?

I believe social media should help the site as i have a twitter acount with over 1.5k followers. Most of my followers are fans of football. I realise i can't convert them all to post on a messageboard but if there was a tweet this option on my forum then greatSmile

I know free hosting will be frowned upon but i really don't have any money just lots of passion!! If the site took off which i believe it will IF i can get the right looking forum with the right features then yes id have to find money

Please be honest in your thoughts and advice

Thanks for reading this long winded post
I'd like to greet you best wishes.

For free hosts, well there is a list of free hosts you can try out over here:

For a football forum, unfortunately there are no free football themes out there (me thinking of making one Wink).

There is good Facebook bridge plugin here:

Some more plugins you can use are:

Show users online in the past 24 hours

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to kick me a PM or open a support thread.
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by Dukhor, IcyBoards Community Forums
Many thanks for a speedy reply i really appreciate it Smile that's a really great start. So thank you again
If you want people to take your forum seriously, you'll have to invest a bit of money to buy a domain. It looks nice, and makes it much more professional IMO. Plus, it's only $10 or so a year.

Otherwise, if you're passionate and put enough effort in you could make it work. Just remember to keep your forum unique, that's what will attract visitors. Content is king.
Many Thanks i wasnt sure if a free host would give me an add on domain? I actually did buy a domian about a year ago ill need to find out where its actualy with. Circumstances changed and i couldnt do anything with domain


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