IRC sans plugin
A little while ago I requested help in installing an IRC plugin that would allow chat within in the forum itself. I received assistance (thank you .M.) but was unable to accomplish what I wanted (very newbie here). But in my attempts to install the plugin properly I stumbled on a way to achieved the very thing I wanted, but without the use of a plugin.

First and foremost you need admin privileges in the site root directory. Access the mybb/usercp file with an editor, scroll all the way down past the hundreds of lines of code and insert your curser after the last >. Hit enter to enter a new line, paste in your preconfigured Mibbit Widget. Save changes and close file.

When done, go to your usercp in your forum and at the bottom of your screen will be the irc portal. There will be one in every usercp on your forum.

To have an administration conference channel repeat the procedure in mybb/modpc. With a modpc irc portal you can have administrative conferences without member attendance and still allow members access to their own member channel.

When I was doing all of this I was on a "Practice" forum site. I set up a practice site with a free web hosting site. Saves all kinds of problems when trying to work out problems with your forum.

Okay, so I'm not so smart after all.

check out...

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