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Hi guys.. if someone is willing to assist me I would really appreciate it.
Please tell me what to change so that my tabel of columns from main forum page stays fitted.
I'm asking this becouse I deleted the first column ("Forums contains no new posts") and now as I have other category with icons for each forum, but after I deleted the first column, the other of my columns went to left not remaining arranged to the header with titles (Threads, Posts, Last Post).

I show you a print screen:
[Image: 1MAjW.jpg]

As for deleting the first column ("Forums contains no new posts") I followed this steps:
 Navigate to ACP > Themes & Templates > Templates > your set > Forum Bit Templates > forumbit_depth1_cat.
    Find <td class="tcat" colspan="2"> and replace it with <td class="tcat">.
    Navigate to forumbit_depth2_cat and forumbit_depth2_forum.
    Delete the following lines from both of the templates:
    <td class="{$bgcolor}" align="center" valign="top" width="1"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/{$lightbulb['folder']}.gif" alt="{$lightbulb['altonoff']}" title="{$lightbulb['altonoff']}" class="ajax_mark_read" id="mark_read_{$forum['fid']}" /></td>
    Navigate to Themes & Templates > Forum Display Templates > forumdisplay_subforums and delete <td class="tcat" width="2%"> </td>.

I simply want to allign them correctly. To move the line table header saying "Forum," "Threads," "Posts," and "Last Post" just more to the right so that 'Forum' comes above name of forum, not above the icon.
Thank you!

LATER EDIT: Sorry for multiple post of this thread. I had it solved!
after first
<td class="tcat"
in forumbit_depth1_cat.

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