[Tutorial] How to add a 'Hot' prefix
Specifically for those who want to do away with thread icons like myself.

Open up your forumdisplay.php and look for the following code:

if($thread['replies'] >= $mybb->settings['hottopic'] || $thread['views'] >= $mybb->settings['hottopicviews'])
			$folder .= "hot";
			$folder_label .= $lang->icon_hot;

Add under:

$prefix = $lang->hot_prefix;

Now go to /inc/languages/english/global.lang.php and look for

$l['poll_prefix'] = "Poll:"

Under it, add:

$l['hot_prefix'] = "Hot"

Finally, go to AdminCP -> Configuration -> Edit English (American) Language variable, edit global.lang.php, find "hot_prefix" and style however you wish. Wink

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