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Viva Pinata forums with custom skin
I just launched this and of course the skin is custom made by me.

I started it a few weeks ago but just finished it tonight. I gotta start promoting it as the game was already released. Anyone play the game yet? It's an Xbox 360 game.

Anyways...tell me what you think of the theme.

Thank you.
Vibrant and stands out. Smile
I like the colours. Makes it look like a kids site, but still maintaining an organized look. I like it, nicely done Smile
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
The colors are cool, I really like to logo. I would however like to see some different graphics or even different look for Search, Member List, Calendar, etc links. Overall, nice job.
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It's not for me, but it's very nice. Smile
Do NOT PM me for Support!
Thanks for the comments.

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