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User cannot login (CAPTCHA)

Since a while my user have an problem, Whenever he tries to log-in he get this message: CAPTCHA challenge-response is missing.

When I look that up, I only get GoMobile forums so I tried to disable that plugin, No succes. And I can't really find anymore then that.

My Plugins:

Advanced Secure Spoiler (1.0)
Default Avatar (1.0)
Fit on Page (2.3)
MyBB GoMobile (1.1)
Infobar (1.4)
OUGC Awards (1.0.7)
reCAPTCHA Plugin (1.4)
Register Time (1.1)
Registration Security Question (1.2)
Style Usernames (1.7)
Thank You/Like System (1.5)
Undo Delete (1.2.1)

My forum url:

JUST noticed wrong section :|
It may just be that user. I was able to login. Try logging in as his user and see if it works. If the problem persists, Or try deleting "reCAPTCHA Plugin" and re-installing it.

[Image: AabS6gC.png]

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