I figured out how to prevent bots.
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I honestly figured out a way to prevent bots even with out the security questions, all you need is one single plugin.

Go to www.keycaptcha.com

Register for an account

Once you sign up, you will be on the dashboard, click add site.

Follow all the steps

After step 4, you will receive instructions on how to install the plugin, which is just like any other plugin

All other things you will have to do will be shown to you after step 4.

So, if you're having problems with bots and can't find a legitimate way to stop them, here is your solution!
Also don't forget to read KeyCaptcha... and it's weird methods
Keep the thread on topic with no flaming.
This is not the place for petty arguments.

This thread is about preventing spam and melchor contributed another way to minimize spam. It is entirely relevant as far as I can see.
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