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Not Solved Only American English is showing the buttons under posts
Not Solved
Buttons for other languages not showing up. Perhaps because they don't exist with the Apart series.

At first they showed up like this:


But after disabling and re-enabling all plugins, it now shows up like this:


Okay, I'm FOUR hours into this now and still can't figure it out. The American English images show up fine and are the custom theme's images, even though I'd upgraded to 1.6.10 which replaced them. So I have no idea where the correct images are coming from for American English. (yes, I've refreshed).

Regardless, the main issue is that the images for other languages aren't showing up. I've tried copying and pasting the post_bit and footer language select default code to the custom theme's code, but no luck. The directories with the foreign language .gifs exist and the gifs are within the directories.

It's showing the alt text for the image in place of the image (and when hovering), but not the image itself. Prior to de-activating all plugins, the images showed up blank, but after deactivating and reactivating again we're now just getting the alt text.

What's going on ??
Not Solved
Apart series postbit buttons are images and those images do not exist for all the languages available.

there appears to be no simple code modification to get English language buttons for the other languages.
you may have to copy available buttons to other language folders

images/themename/english --> copy everything including subfolders to other language folders of the theme
if language folders do not exist in the main theme folder then
you have to create a new folder (eg. images/themename/arabic) and then copy the contents

btw, how many languages you are using for the forum ? basically one does not need more than a couple !
you might also face problems with the plugins as all the plugins need not have many language packs.
Not Solved
Thanks M....This helped a lot.

My error was that I didn't realize the custom theme .gifs were in a separate folder. I thought if it would be that way that the top image folder would be 'default', not just all the default languages folders and gifs thrown in the top image folder. Anyways, I should of looked more carefully.

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