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Not Solved [How To?] Sticky thread - Background & News bar
Not Solved
How is it possible to change the background of sticky threads, just like on the mybb support, the green background.

I found this:

Add to global.css:

.forumdisplay_sticky {
background: #ffffff;

But that does not work:
[Image: 6o20qu.png]

I have put that on global.css advanced mode at the bottom.
Do you know whats wrong on the code or does it have to be placed somewhere else?

My second question: How do i make this news bars like on the mybb main page? "Latest news, facebook, twitter"

Thanks in advance!

[email protected]
Not Solved
1) You can use Template Conditionals
In forumdisplay_thread add something like this to <tds>, instead of class="{$bgcolor}{$thread_type_class}":
<if $thread['sticky'] then>class="stickyclassfromglobalcss"<else>class="{$bgcolor}{$thread_type_class}"</if>

2) There are many ways, one of them is
Not Solved
The code on the global css did it as i want, on all forums. I guess it needs a bit time to update.

The board message plugin is useful, thank you.

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