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Not Solved [Error Message] Migrated hosts, now getting MyBB Error (42)??
Not Solved
I've just migrated to another host and now getting this MyBB Error (42):

well, it's showing error 43 regarding the install dir, but if I try to access the install dir/upgrade.php (I uploaded the newest files to perform an upgrade):

I get the permission errors.

And then from that point on I can't log in as the admin, I can't log out and then log in as the admin to perform the upgrade... pretty much I can't do anything and the forum is stuck.

What to do here?!!!
Not Solved
what other plugins do you have installed?

All I get is to login.
Looking for help and not support, PM me. 
Not Solved
None. That's the thing. There is nothing that could be preventing it from working just fine, but it's not moving anywhere. Just stuck on those two screens.
Not Solved
something is redirecting it to another place. Do you have a .htaccess installed on the forum?

sent you PM with the url Its showing me the upgrade page now.
Looking for help and not support, PM me. 

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