Not Solved Security risk in a recomended theme?
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I am trying to import the recomended theme called Dark Fusion onto my forums, I successfully uploaded the images for it but when I try to import the .xml document I get this error message posted below. Any ideas?

The following errors were encountered:
A potential security issue was found in the theme. It was not imported. Please contact the Author or MyBB Group for support.
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open theme's xml file in a text editor (eg. notepad++) and follow suggestions at below link,
save xml file and try importing it
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I edited that now but there's still a security risk :/


This is some bullshit, 2 out of the 3 themes I've tried now has that security least let us choose if we want to take the risk or not, don't just completly block it...
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Unfortunately it's quite hard to find out which security risk your theme contains. I've created a topic in MyBB 1.8 suggestions concerning that, no replies till now so I guess it's not going to be changed.

Here some other topics, maybe you'll find out:

Also make sure you use the latest theme version:

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