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[PAID] Forum Logo
Looking for an excellent logo for a paid posting forum. Post your logos in here (with a watermark if you insist) and the best one will be chosen to win $20 via PayPal.

I will be using this theme so please make sure colour scheme is appropriate. Bonus points for coming up with a catchy slogan!

The name is purely "Paid Posting Forum" as I have an excellent keyword domain name.

Thanks for your interest and get posting your logos now!
[Image: ujasKNY.png]

I'm horrible at these things, so it's only experience.
PM me if you need any help Shy.
Thanks for your entry, Skate. I quite like the plain professional look of it. If you could think of a great slogan to throw in there it would made it a lot better! Smile
[Image: ppflogo.png]

[Image: ppflogo_blue.png]

Requested transparent version:
[Image: ppflogo_blue_sl_t_w.png]
I really like the blue one, Jason. Could you perhaps see if you can think of a catchy slogan to add in?
[Image: ppflogo_blue_sl1.png]

[Image: ppflogo_blue_sl2.png]

[Image: ppflogo_blue_sl3.png]
My Try;

No worries for the watermark!
How about this?
[Image: 65tts6.png]
Didn't have time to finish, can add "forum" on the conveyor belt plus make little corrections later today or tommorow if you wish.

EDIT. Here another version:
[Image: f04377.png]

And with theme's gray instead of black:
[Image: 23vndwi.png]
All of these are looking good! I'll give it another 24 hours or so for entrants to get theirs in then I'll close and choose a winner.
How about this? Smile

[Image: irynP7x9tGK7r.png]
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