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[Paid] Tech Admin is needed!
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I am still a newbie after over a year of running a web site with MyBB forum on it.

I am in need of a reliable tech admin (who is an expert on both MyBB and Wordpress) to help me fix some problems once in a while.

Right now, I could use some help in
1. Restore a messed up header to the way it was
(very urgent issue. I need this to be fixed as soon as possible)

2. Fix a header ad space so it wouldn't stay on the left side (the header was messed up when I tried to fix this issue)

3. Upgrade the forum to 1.6.10

4. (big one) I have received a template for wordpress, which I want to use it for a new web site before use it on my old site too. There are certain things need to be removed and customized in order to fit my web site.

In the long run, I hope I can have someone who is very friendly, communicative and trustworthy. Someone who I can depend on in case something goes wrong like right now lol. Smile
Hey Smile

I'd be happy to help you with these problems. I'll PM you with more details.

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