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Sessions table

I've been running mybb on my sites for quite sometime and on one of my bigger sites I'm getting a lot of anonymous users/guests. (It's used as a sort of CMS)

Normally this isn't a problem but this huge amount gives me a very large session table. Because most of the people are visiting the site only once in a few weeks, this session data isn't really useful.

Because of the large amount of session entries the forum itself is becoming slow. For now I have implanted a function which removed/flushes the session entries each xx hour. This solves the speed problem on the forums but...

I wonder if mybb itself has an option to set a session lifetime? I couldn't find any option in the admincp.

*edit* about my table sizes:
Rows 782,967 (sessions table)
Effective 174.404 KB ( ~170 mb)
I agree. My forum went down once because my sessions table was too huge. It should trim itself every so often so it doesn't go bad.
So perhaps it's an idea to implent something for future releases Wink?
So do you want this moved to Suggestions then? Smile

btw, I agree, this would be a nice feature.
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Yeh, moved.
I did think we actually had this.

It appears we didn't.

Oh well, in 1.2.2 MyBB will automatically clear guest sessions older than 24 hours.

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