A few nested quote issues
Issue 1

It seems that setting the Maximum Nested Quote Tags option to 1 only prevents nested quotes in posts. Is there a way to make this setting also apply to PMs?

Issue 2

Also, I've noticed that when the Maximum Nested Quote Tags option is set to 1, quoting a post that contained one or multiple quotes leaves a line break in place of the quote. If a post contains multiple quotes, especially if those quotes aren't separated by text written by the user that's currently being quoted, this can leave large gaps of white space in the reply box. This can make it quite messy to navigate for users, especially if they've quoted more than one post that contained quotes. Would it be possible to limit the number of consecutive line breaks that are sent to the reply box to 2 so that it's more cleanly formatted and easy to use?

I did this once on phpBB by using a regular expression that matched consecutive line breaks greater than 2 (after the quote removal, of course) and then replaced the matches with only 2 line breaks before the text was inserted into the reply box. I'm just not sure how or where to do that with MyBB.

Thanks for any help.

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